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Case study 1 – Home Outreach

We truly believe that only by working with parents and close family can we fully support an individual, this is all the more relevant when supporting an individual within the family home. 

We were approached jointly by a school and a parent to provide support to a young man affected by Autism and a Severe Learning Disability.  We undertook a full assessment of needs of the young man and worked with the school and the parent to understand how best to support this person to maintain, develop and importantly transfer skills from his school environment to his home. 

The parent was involved in the recruitment and selection process and subsequent workshops where the staff team and the parent re-grouped to look at what was working well and what needed to be reviewed.  The parent was also central in the shadowing / initially supporting our staff in the home environment and in the community to understand the expectations and ways of successfully supporting this young man.  

We believe key to meaningful and consistent support is the need for support staff to be reflective in their practice.  This can only be achieved through ‘non-contact’ sessions such as team meetings and workshops where ways of working with the individual can be explored, agreement reached on how to deal with certain scenarios / situations and importantly a clear understanding of the rationale behind the accepted approaches.