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Case study 2 – Supported Tenancy

This service was set up for a young man who has a diagnosis of Autism and a Learning Disability. During the assessment period, towards the end of his residential school placement, the young man’s parents, school staff and the Health team identified one of the significant considerations for a sustainable placement was a physical environment which was not only ‘robust’ but also in a setting which allowed for easy access to open space, for his parents to visit him on a daily basis and where heightened noise levels would not affect neighbours.

A property on the edge of a park was identified and the necessary adaptations undertaken.  During this period the young man’s parents were involved in the staff recruitment and subsequent workshops relating to how to effectively support this young man. 

The staff team shadowed at the young man at school and were supported to understand how to help this person communicate and how to reduce his anxiety through meaningful daily structures which also encouraged choice and developed decision making skills.

This person continues to successfully maintain his tenancy and enjoys a predictable environment which has reduced his anxiety. This is supported by a consistent staff team who know the young man’s baseline behaviour, understand potential triggers, and are able to anticipate situations which may cause him distress.