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Case study 3 – Supported Tenancy

This service was set up for a woman with a Learning Disability who had experience multiple placement breakdowns.   We worked extremely closely with the local Social Care team and the Health team to ensure we carefully transitioned this person into a setting with a staff team who had a clear understanding of this person’s needs and hopes for the future.

This was achieved by our team shadowing the existing Health team and establishing clear ways of working and importantly the trust of this person. Running in parallel was an individualised staff induction programme which included understanding the persons underlying medical condition, the use of communication systems in supporting choice and decision making and agreeing de-escalation protocols. 

During this transition period we also purchased suitable accommodation and made a range of adaptations including sound proofing and installing specialist flooring.   
This person has now lived in her own flat with our support for over 5 years.  There have been no significant incidents and her levels of medication have been significantly reduced.