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Access and Referrals

We have a dedicated team for referrals with extensive experience from working in senior roles in care to specialising in Nursing within the Learning Disability field. 

We have a wide range of sources that come to us for referrals: 

  • Social Services Department 
  • By individuals looking to leave their family homes for the first time 
  • Individuals’ parents/adult acting on their behalf

Our assessment process:

Our goal is to ensure that we can offer a placement where the individual will be supported and can achieve the most positive outcome. 

When assessing individual cases, we are looking at the following: 

  • We assess the individual as a whole to determine their sustainability for a particular home
  • Consider their abilities and personality 
  • Where they'd like to live 
  • Who they'd like to live with 
  • What is important to their lives
  • We would also look at any potential risks and assess any ways we can ensure that the individual feels safe and that our staff also feel safe when providing the individuals care and support

We want to ensure that we are able to help the individual to reach their full potential while leading a safe, happy and fulfilled life at the same time. 

When all parties agree on a placement which is appropriate. We can also offer advice on accessing benefits/funding. Once the funding is agreed, a transition plan can be devised by our PBS team which will be tailored to the individual's needs, in order to be provided after their move. 

We have a customer information “Access to Service” booklet which explains more about Marcus and Marcus and how we can support. This booklet is available as Easy To Read guide.

We do not accept 'emergency admissions' we believe a large part of our success is rooted in building support packages based on planned, structured and indivualised transition. 

For any furthur information regarding referrals please contact the team:

Tuesday - Thursday